Petrochemical Company Investment Company

At a glance

Company introduction

The Petrochemical Industries Investment Company is a multi-disciplinary specialty holding which was formed using management capability and with the aim of participation of people in investing in the year 1370.

Investment in petrochemical industry started in 1994 as the first private company to invest in petrochemical industries and one of the largest holdings. Now, after 25 years of its operation, it has been able to employ specialist forces and existing facilities for planning The short, medium and long term will become one of the largest holdings. The company's activities include 3 manufacturing, technical and engineering services, commerce and investment.

Two of the major shareholders of this company are Social Security Investment Company (Shasta) and Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Company (TAPICO), which aims to use the potential of the private sector and technical know-how to develop quantitative and qualitative activities Company.

Our capital is a smile of satisfaction of forty one million hardworking, noble, and human capital with the experience of a country whose trust and protection of their interests is our mission.


Hassan amozadeh
Managing Director of Petrochemical Company Investment Company

CEO Message

Dear Investors and Affiliates

Hello and Regards
Thanks to the members of the Petrochemical Industries Investment Company who have been able to become a powerful company in the field of petrochemical industry and the efforts of founders and founders, as well as relying on the experience and ability of managers, utilizing young and motivated and committed manpower, in line with the plans of the capital company Social Security (Shasta) and the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Investment Company (Tapiko) will be in a great position.

The main policy of the Petrochemical Industries Investment Company is to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of the board of directors, taking into account potential capability and optimal use of available capacities. The company intends to protect the company's synergies and reduce unnecessary costs from its shareholders' equity by providing them with the highest level of planning and projects, as well as increasing productivity in their subsidiaries.

With over a quarter century of petrochemical industry investment, the company is working hard with strategic and strategic investments in the downstream petrochemical industries that has an active presence in the national economy and hopes to play an important role in development. All-encompassing Islamic Iran.

Hassan amozadeh

(Master of Business Administration)


Abbas Hagh Nazar
Member of the Board of Directors and Audit Committee Chairman

(Master of Business Administration)

Seyyed Mostafa Feiz Ardakani
Deputy General Manager and Board Member

(Master of Planning Management)

Valiu Allah Raayat
Chairman of the Board of Directors and non-executive member of the Board of Directors

(Bachelor of Law)

Hamid Reza Paghoh Kargar
Member of the board of directors

(Ph.D. in Chemistry-Polymer Engineering)

Prospects of the Petrochemical Investment Company
Leading in downstream petrochemical industries and active in the lucrative markets of the country


  • Upgrade your company's value
  • Access to more shares in petrochemical downstream industries
  • Achieving the highest level of profitability
  • Qualitative development of human resources with culture, motivation and continuous education in order to increase productivity
  • Satisfaction of shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Getting staff and efficient managers
  • Fundraising
  • Increase Returns on Investments


  • Human dignity and stakeholder status
  • Remaining Islamic and Iranian Relics
  • Discipline and law-order
  • Merit and Axis Justice
  • Integrity, Trust and Commitment
  • Participation, Sense of Co-operation
  • Criticism and Transparency
  • Creativity Innovation


  • Deploying Strategic Control Strategies
  • Boost native features
  • Emphasizing the new management approaches and comprehensive information system
  • Promote synergies between subsidiaries
  • Focus on improving performance evaluation and improving resource efficiency
  • Focus on petrochemical downstream industries
  • Entering foreign markets and enhancing partnerships with empowered investors
  • Emphasis on completing value chain and cost-benefit scale
  • Investing in high-value areas
  • Human Resources Optimization
  • Enhance creativity, entrepreneurship and teamwork


Abolfazl Shahrami

Deputy of Business Development

Mohammad Ali Tarhami Amiri

Deputy Finance and Investment

Alireza Nabi

Deputy Human Resources and Support


Mahmoud Reza Khakpour
technical manager
Ali Khodkhodayi Shahriari
Strategic Planning Manager
Rouhollah Sharifian
Financial Affairs Manager
Saber Sheikhloo
Director of shares affairs
Khalil Minaei
Special Executive Inspector
Hassan Khadabashihi
Legal Director and Contracts
Faramarz Taheri
Internal Audit Director
Mohammad Ibrahim Najm al-Din
Security manager
Easa Gholami
Director of Corporate Trading Supervision
Massoud Mohammadi
Managing Director and Public Relations
Hajjat ShirDel Mollaserie
Director of Information Technology Organization and Technology
Yaser Seed
Director of Budgeting and Assemblies of Companies

The major shareholders of the Petrochemical Investment Company are


Oil, Gas Petrochemical Investment Company


Social Security Organization


Cooperative MKC Company


Other Shareholders

Subsidiary companies and fields of activity

The activities of the Petrochemical Industries Investment Company include five sectors of manufacturing, technical and engineering services, commerce and investment, projects and capital markets, each of which is in the form of companies The member of the group is as follows:

Chemical and petrochemical products

  • methyl ester butyl ether (MTBE)
  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
  • Industrial Soot (Carbon Black)
  • Citric Acid
  • Butanol (SBA)

Rubber Products

  • Rubber linings
  • Conveyor belt
  • Rubber hose
  • Rubber parts
  • Rubber Flooring
  • Flooring

Plastic Products

  • Polyethylene tank
  • Packing Supplies
  • Polyethylene fittings (electrophobic)
  • single-wall polyethylene pipe
  • double-glazed polyethylene pipe
  • plastic pallet
  • Three-layer polyethylene bag
  • Polyethylene Shrink Films

Industrial Services

  • Technical & Engineering Services
  • Technical inspection and corrosion control
  • Design and Engineering
  • Installation of machinery and industrial equipment
  • Factory Maintenance
  • Focus on petrochemical downstream industries