Subsidiaries and spheres of activity

The activities of the Petrochemical Investment Company include five sections of production, technical and engineering services, commercial and investment, projects and capital markets, each of which is carried out in the form of member companies of the group and as follows.

Shares Capital

The Petrochemical Industries Investment Company was founded in March of 1991 in order to participate in the petrochemical industries. Liquidity absorption and its application to the most profitable industrial sectors, especially the petrochemical industry, were at the top of its objectives.

Capital Market

Number of transactions in the last 7 days

Latest situation in the stock market (17 March 2020)

  • Number transactions 1332
  • Turnover 5.308M
  • Transaction value 50.176B
  • Last deal 9426
  • First price 9500
  • The final price 9453